Customized lighting-concept
for your needs

Your advantages

Efficiency boost

No more hide-and-seek in storage: the correct box is easily identified via signal light – this saves time when order-picking and significantly reduces error potential. The colour-coded visualisation of the part position aids the machine operator and greatly cuts set-up time and boosts work efficiency.

Design upgrade

No human choice is 100 percent rational. Even rationally grounded decisions in your field are not without a spark of emotion – even machines trigger some sort of emotion. Give your machine its own identity to enable it to stand out from the competition and win over customers for your products with an emotional appeal.

Safety first

Noticing changes on the signalling pillar while standing close to the machine can often be impossible. Why not choose a direct lighting solution that not only illuminates but additionally contributes to the safety of your employees, customers, products and indicates hazards?

Easy onboard

Our machine-controlled SANGEL SMARTLIGHT lighting concepts are tailored to your needs and can be integrated seamlessly into your system. Your customised mechatronic module can be added as plug-and-play solution to your existing machine.

Smart solutions

Intelligent lighting concepts from SANGEL SMARTLIGHT take work off your shoulders and improve productivity. You decide, which requirements must be met and we will work closely together with you to create a tailored solution for you.


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