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Intelligent lighting concepts by SANGEL®

Smart lighting solutions for industry 4.0

The interaction between humans and machines is of utmost importance for well-organised processes. How well a machine can be operated depends highly on how efficiently information is transferred between it and the user. The use of smart LED lighting and signalling plays a more and more significant role in improving this communication process.

Until now, classic signal devices with green, yellow and red colour codes were widespread solutions – but with today’s technological advances so much more is possible. Light and signals are a future-oriented and efficient medium to use human-machine communication.

SANGEL SMARTLIGHT provides you with a customised and individually developed status and signal solution for all your lighting and mechanical needs. Starting with the development of the electronics, all the way to the deployment of a complete mechatronic module, we are happy to assist you from prototyping to serial production.

Your customized solution for the intelligent status indication

Efficiency boost

Shorter set-up and order-picking times and significant reduction of error potential

Design upgrade

Customised machine design and distinction to your competitors


Improved safety for your employees and production process thanks to hazard warnings


Easy set-up of your custom lighting solution with plug-and-play

Smart solutions

Increased productivity and comfort thanks to your intelligent and customizable lighting

SANGEL SMARTLIGHT use-case solutions

Application examples

Visual operator guidance

Control workflows more intuitively, efficiently and safely with visual guidance. For instance, a one-dimensional solution consisting of individually controlled RGBs allows the operator of a
bending machine to easily locate the exact position of the tool. Shorter set-up and production times are the result.

Progress and level indicator

In large and strongly automated industrial companies it’s commonplace that a single employee is responsible for the efficient operation of multiple machines at the same time. To make life easier, we can integrate a progress or level indicator into your machines that shows the current progress as a percentage or displays the remaining time. With these indicators, the operator has critical information without needing to stand directly in front of the machine. Additionally, our lighting solution adds a stylish highlight to your tools.

Status display

A feast for the eyes! Today, not only the specifications of a tool, but also its design plays a decisive role. Design gimmicks in and on machines are becoming immensely popular. We believe a facelift should not only implement a new design but also technical advantages. SANGEL SMARTLIGHT combines technological improvement with interesting design to provide you with a customised and individual solution.


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